Double Glazing Facts

We love glass... It's our bread and butter... It's not everyones' cup of tea but it is certainly ours. And since you're here reading this, we're going to guess that you're interested too! You can often find us boring people to death with our glazing knowledge. There are plenty of interesting facts beyond 'it's made from sand' and that you can recycle glass infinitely without compromising it's quality or purity.... Although that is quite interesting in itself. Below are some of our favourites :) most of which are related to double glazing and UPVC specifically.

  1. Toughened glass is very... Tough! If you were to place a sheet on two bits of wood and jumped up and down it wouldn't break! However, hit the glass in the corner with a hammer and it will shatter in to tens of thousands of pieces!! 

  2. There are hundreds of different types of glass options, from double-glazed, georgian wire cast, to opaque to triple glazing to many many more!

  3. There are three main types of frames to hold the glass - UPVC, Timber & Aluminium and UPVC windows can last for as long as 30 years! Not only does UPVC last a long time but it is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

  4. By having Double Glazing in your home, you can save approximately between £80 to £100 and 680kg of CO2 every year!!

  5. You don't need to obtain planning permission for replacing double glazing. Unless you live in a listed building, of course!!  

Bonus fact:

The colloqiaul term 'Shut yer gob' comes from glass making! A molten lump of glass is called a 'gob'. A glass blower would attach a tube in order to blow the glass into shape. The blower would have to blow incredibly hard, making his cheeks very large. Additionally, today someone with a big mouth is told they have a big gob.

To get more insight in to the glazing industry, ask us about processes or obtain a free, no-obligation quote, then please do get in touch with us via our contact page or request a call back using the phone icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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5 Questions to Ask When Getting a Quote (Double Glazing or Otherwise)

At AMB Glazing, we are aware that there are some fantastic and reputable companies out there, it is always worth applying caution when engaging with tradespeople. This is why we have gone through the intense process of becoming a verified Checkatrade member to demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality double glazing repair services to our customers. Even if you are you are looking for repairs to be carried out on your double glazing, a drive way, plumbing services or a whole new re-wire of your house, it's worth asking these five questions before making a decision.

1. Does your price include VAT?

Of course VAT will be charged, but some of our customers have been stung by agreeing to a price wihtout realising VAT was NOT included in the price provided to them. From our perspective, quotes we provide on our double glazing always come with VAT to be added on. We always make this clear with the customer and if the price changes due to additional services required, we will always be up front about additional costs and the need for VAT to be added on.

2. When will the work be complete?

Of course, there are many variables within the construction industry but getting a rough idea will allow you to manage the process better. The most important thing here is establishing that communication is key and a two-way street. Every effort should be made by both parties to communicate timeframes and availability to carry out requested works.

3. How long does the quote last and are you happy for me to get other quotes?

You need to find out how long the quote stands for as prices from suppliers can change at quite a pace. Additionally, you'll probably want other quotes if you haven't already spoken to another tradesperson. If they're not happy for you to shop around, perhaps their prices aren't as competitive as they claim to be. We are always happy for you to try and find the best price and it's always worth coming back to us to see if we can beat any other double glazing repair quote.

4. Do you have any reviews I could read?

Most companies these days have some form of reviews these days, mainly online either on Google or perhaps our favourite review site, This should only be one factor of your decisioning around engaging with a particular tradesperson, but it is an important one, nonetheless.

5. What is the timeframe between agreeing to the work and completion.

This can often vary depending on a tradespersons' supply chain and the scale of the work required. In mosts cases, double glazing repairs should should be completed within 2-3 weeks. Complete renewals of UPVC frames and windows may take longer but we will aim to complete works as quickly as possible that fits with your schedule and ours.

For any further advice on double glazing windows, doors or lock or even building work in general do feel free to get in contact with us for an impartial conversation about your requirements.

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